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We are a family owned and run business that has been around for over 30 years. We specialise in Scaffolding, Rigging, Hoist hire, Forklift, Manitou and truck hire. We offer a professional service in delivery, erection and dismantle for any job, big or small, residential or commercial, whether its long or short term hire we provide a free onsite quote.

Our Services

Kwikstage Scaffold Hire

John Wark & Son have a large range of kwikstage scaffold which we offer for both residential and commercial, our kwikstage scaffold is very user friendly with both the installers and tradesman.  It has a wide range of different bay lengths, hop out brackets, access bays and load capacities, so this system can be applied to many job configurations.



John Wark and Son have a wide range of transport that we offer ranging from 2 pallet right through to 22 pallet trucks, these trucks have additional options of vehicle mounted cranes and also 2.5t - 4t capacity telescopic Manitou's


Hoist Hire

John Wark & Son have a few different ranges of hoist whether it for tradesman wheelbarrows or personnel and materials, our hoist's are state of the art being Maber and Geda.  We can custom any of our hoist's to suit your needs and capacity's.  We also have a range of automated gates for all hoist's whether it's to fix to a concrete slab or attach to a scaffold.


Manitou Hire

John Wark & Son have a large number of telescopic Manitou's ranging from 2.5t - 4t, these machines have a reach height ranging from 5m through to 18m, and a number of different attachments to suit your needs.